The laundry is usually always overlooked when considering remodelling a home. Aside from the kitchen and bathroom, your laundry is another room that craves functionality and storage space. It no longer needs to just a busy room that sits at the back of the house!

The laundry room is for doing your laundry, of course, but it can serve more than just that one purpose. It can offer extra storage space for your bedding and towels, double as a workspace or a place for washing the dog.

If you are in a small home and the laundry is taking up valuable living space, streamlining it can really help. With efficient appliances, adequate shelving, and fold down ironing boards, your laundry can become a place of calm and order.



process outline

It all starts with a plan! Our team of creative laundry designers will start working on creating your dream laundry. They will cover all the fundamentals of laundry renovation with you such as the lay-out, materials, joinery detailing, lighting, tiles, fittings and paint.


product selection

Our professional laundry design team will guide you through the process of selecting products. We work together to find the perfect products to bring your dream laundry to reality.


building inspection

Once plans have been finalised, the construction team will have an on-site meeting to go over all the works with you. Any technical questions you may have we can discuss, and we will have the opportunity to point out the finer details of the laundry renovation process.

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