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EscapeVR: Trapped Above The Clouds Torrent Download




\nThe game features: - [**Multiple rooms,**]{} each with a different set of mechanics. - [**Augmented reality,**]{} enabling players to see in the real world what they're experiencing in VR. - [**Room-scale,**]{} so players can experience the game in multiple rooms at the same time. - [**All-player communication,**]{} to enable people around the world to play with their friends and teammates. - [**No internet required,**]{} so players don't need to be connected to the internet to play. - [**The ability to play on desktop and mobile devices,**]{} enabling players to play wherever they are and on whatever devices they use. EscapeVR includes the following features: - [**Choice,**]{} enabling players to make smart choices and play through to the end. - [**Challenge,**]{} ensuring that players feel they're making progress, even when completing a room. - [**Repeatability,**]{} allowing players to play through to the end of any room multiple times. - [**Co-op,**]{} encouraging cooperation and team play. - [**Leaderboards,**]{} enabling players to compare their progress with other players around the world. - [**Achievements,**]{} to make achievements available in-game, to celebrate players who complete the game. EscapeVR was released on April 18th, 2018. The game currently has over 1 million installs on Steam, and is continuously played. The game has been positively reviewed by The Verge, Wired, and Polygon. Future ====== EscapeVR has been downloaded over 2.4 million times, and has gained a cult following around the world, having been played in countries such as Japan, Brazil, and Russia. Future updates will be focused on adding more features to the game. Future updates will include: - [**Events,**]{} to be added later this year. - [**Multiplayer (online or offline)**]{} so




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EscapeVR: Trapped Above The Clouds Torrent Download

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